Just Looking?

Our churches include a number who are 'just looking' - who just want to explore what Christianity is all about without pressure.

If this is you, you are especially welcome at all our activities. Yet at certain times, we do put on special events that we hope will help you as you as you consider things.

In the summer, we would encourage you to simply join us on a Sunday at church. In the autumn and winter we run evening enquirers courses specifically for those who would tentatively like to consider Christianity or just brush up on the basics again.

We have had up to fifty people through these courses over the last couple of years. They are relaxed, warm and provide a forum where any question whatsoever can be asked.
Finally, can we reiterate that you are welcome to join us at any time. And if you would like to talk about things at a more personal level, do please email or call our Rector Nick Cornell for a chat (01825 769004).