Teaching your children the faith

Books on parenting

Aren’t they lovely when they’re sleeping by Anne Benton
A superb, brief, wise, biblical overview of Christian parenting. If there is only one book you buy, buy this one. Published by Christian Focus.

Disciplines of a godly family by R Kent & Barbara Hughes
Great book of practical advice and creative ideas on how to raise your children in the faith. Published by Crossways Books.

For more good books, browse the “Children and family life” and “Children” sections of the Christian Focus website: www.christianfocus.com

For teaching the Bible to young children

Don't wait until they can understand before you read the bible and pray with them. From the start, try to establish a daily spot, perhaps at breakfast or before bed in which you do these things. It means that bible reading and prayer will be instinctive to them and that you will not forget to pray for them. Include the Lord's Prayer in your daily prayer with them and they may well be able to recite it by the time they are 2.

There are all sorts of basic newborn books of bible stories for children under 1 year old. From then on consider:

The Beginner’s Bible 1-3yr olds
Excellent paraphrase of most of the bible for young children, with good illustrations.

Marks & Spencer First Bible Stories 4-7yr olds
Very good simple rendering of key stories and events through the Bible, with great illustrations.

The International Children's Bible 7yrs+
Highly regarded translation for children, with good illustrations, dictionaries and maps.

The New International Readers Version of the Bible 12yrs+
A simplified rendering of the popular NIV adult Bible. Very helpful for families reading together when the adults are using the NIV. There is a child's version if you are reading together with younger children: The New Light Children's Bible suitable for 7yrs+

The King the snake and the promise enhanced CD
Superb CD giving an overview of the bible through 29 songs. Great for getting children singing along to Bible truth. It is worth it just for this. But the enhanced CD-ROM also contains sheet music for the songs and a 10-session programme for teaching your kids aged 3-11 the whole Bible story. Published by The Good Book Company.

Meet the King enhanced CD
This great CD takes kids through Mark's gospel in the same way. Published by The Good Book Company.

52 Scriptural Songs CD by Ishmael
Each song puts a bible verse to music. Catchy and memorable, your children will end up knowing more of the Bible than you. If you play an instrument, all of the songs are also in the songbook, 250 Praise and Worship Songs for Children.

Any CD or DVD by the Australian children's presenter Colin Buchanan
(His material is funny but packed with bible truth. Your children will love it even from 3yrs upwards. The CDs can be bought from the Goodbook Company. The DVDs can only be found on the net or in Australia. But they are worth seeking out)

My first book of…
… questions & answers (Christian truth by question & answer)
… Bible promises (each one stated and explained)
… memory verses (each one stated and explained)
… Bible prayers (each one stated and explained)

Cheap, simply explained and full of the Bible. Black and white pictures are small, but can be coloured in. Published by Christian Focus.

The “Me too” collection
Simple rendition of bible stories with good illustrations. Tapes of the books can also be bought on which the story is read with extra songs and aids to help your child learn to read. There is a lot added to most of these stories, sometimes distorting the true meaning. But they are engaging. Published by Candle Books, an imprint of Lion Hudson.

Coming of the King - Advent Calendar Pack by Alison Mitchell
(Advent Calendar and Book to help families explore the Bible at Christmas. The accompanying book helps families to read two or three verses from Matthew or Luke each day, discuss some simple questions and then pray together. Published by The Good Book Company)

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