What we believe

We are delighted that those from the whole range of Christian backgrounds seem to find a happy home amongst us - from Catholics to charismatics and Baptists to Brethren.

Nevertheless, in reflecting the convictions of our Vicar and our history as churches, we are best described as Anglican Evangelical Churches.

As 'Evangelical' Churches we seek to prioritise the spread of and belief in the gospel or good news ('evangel' in Greek) about Jesus Christ. This 'good news' comprises the truths that the Bible would have us treat as of first importance. Our Vicar happily therefore subscribes to the classic statements of evangelical belief such as those of the Evangelical Alliance or the Fellowship of Independant Evangelical Churches.

As 'Anglican' Churches we also appreciate the rich heritage of worship and theology stemming from the English reformation. So we also gladly subscribe to the Church of England's 39 Articles of Religion.

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